Herbicide Carryover Concerns in 2021 (Cropland Weeds)

Our colleagues at North Dakota State University publish a weekly "Crop & Pest Report" throughout the growing season. This weeks' newsletter contains an informative article by Joe Ikley discussing the effects of drought and soil properties on herbicide breakdown and carryover. You can find the article under "Alert Details."

The entire NDSU "Crop & Pest Report" from May 6, 2021, and older reports can be found following this link: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/cpr

If you are interested in receiving the Crop and Pest Report, you can sign up for free at: http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/cpr/subscribe-to-crop-pest-report-pdf-version

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Alert Period: 05/07/2021 - 05/07/2022
Submitted By: Uta McKelvy

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Foliar Fungicide Efficacy Ratings for Wheat Disease Management Updated (Cropland Diseases)

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An updated version of the foliar fungicides table for wheat disease management and associated efficacy ratings has been posted on the MSU Extension Plant Pathology Resources website: http://plantpath.msuextension.org/resources/2021-ncera184-wheat-fungicide-table.html

This table was developed and updated by the North Central Regional Committee on Management of Small Grain Diseases (NCERA-184) for use by the grain production industry in the U.S. The table is provided as a guide to inform you of fungicide options for control of commong wheat diseases. It includes most widely marketed products and is not intended to be a list of all labelled products.


Please reach out to your local extension agent or Uta McKelvy with any questions or comments (email: uta.mckelvy@montana.edu; phone: 406-994-5572)

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Alert Period: 04/28/2021 - 04/28/2022
Submitted By: Uta McKelvy
Seed and foliar fungicide tables for pulse crops (Cropland Diseases)

We have updated tables listing available fungicide products (seed treatments and foliar products) for managmeent of widespread fungal diseases of pulse crops. The tables can be found at the MSU Extension Plant Pathology Resources website.

Fungicide Seed Treatment Table: http://plantpath.msuextension.org/resources/2021-fungicides-for-pulse-crop-seed-treatment.html

Foliar Fungicide Table: http://plantpath.msuextension.org/resources/2021-fungicides-for-pulse-crop-foliar-treatment.html

Please reach out to Dr. Uta McKelvy with any questions or comments (email: uta.mckelvy@montana.edu; phone: 406-994-5572)

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Alert Period: 04/12/2021 - 04/12/2022
Submitted By: Uta McKelvy
Waterhemp a problematic weed has been documented in Montana (Cropland Weeds)

Waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus) a highly problematic pigweed, common in the Midwest, has been documented in a cropfield in Montana for the first time. Populations of this species are resistant to many herbicide modes of action. This species has the potential to become very problematic. Now is the time scout, if you suspect you have waterhemp contact your local extension agent or ag professional for positive identification and help developing a management plan.

Alert Period: 08/04/2020 - 08/31/2021
Submitted By: Timothy Seipel

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Paraquat Training Mandatory for Pesticide Applicators Purchasing Products with New Label Language (Pesticides)

Measures announced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are in place regarding the herbicide active ingredient paraquat (i.e. dichloride salt of paraquat, ortho paraquat CL, paraquat dichloride) due to increased human health concerns. See complete news release for details including mandatory EPA approved paraquat trainings.  

Alert Period: 07/17/2020 - 06/14/2021
Submitted By: Cecil Tharp

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